Gaining the Upper Hand on this Challenging & Beautiful Medium.

How You'll Benefit
How this course will benefit you...
  • You젧ain a solid understanding of the most important painting fundamentals

  • You젬earn which materials are necessarywhich ones are not

  • You젯vercome old stumbling blocks and habits through personal instruction and critiques

  • You젰aint alongside other artists, benefiting from the interaction with one another, and making new friends

  • You젭ake progress in finding your personal artistic voice

Painting Experience Required?

Beginners are welcome to enroll. Instruction will be customized to each studentଥvel of experience. That said, the better your drawing skills are, the better off you젢e in this workshop. If you feel that you would benefit from some drawing practice before the workshop, I recommend enrolling for a basic drawing course in your local area, or you can enroll for my Sketching on Location workshop.

Space is limited. Enroll today.