"It amazed me that you stayed two hours or more after class to help people and answer questions when you were clearly ready for a break after two intensive days. Your artistic talent and your talent in teaching is a wonderful and unusual combination, and you are so generous with it. What a wonderful workshop."
APLD Member Judy Maier
Landscape Designer
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Massively improve your freehand sketching in one unforgettable weekend!

What You'll Learn
The questions we'll cover in two fun-filled days?
  • What equipment do I really need?

  • I have a hard time drawing angles and proportions correctly. Is there a failsafe method for doing this properly?

  • Is natural-born ᬥnt?essential to drawing well? (hint: it isn鼯li>

  • Is there a sequence I can use so that with each additional line, the sketch actually gets easier and more fun (instead of confusing and frustrating)?

  • How do I begin a sketch so I know that everything I want to draw will fit on the page?

  • My drawings look so tedious and stilted - how do I produce sketches with energy and feeling?

  • How did artists like Leonardo da Vinci, John Singer Sargent, and J.M.W. Turner sketch? What specifically did they learn from sketching? How can I apply these lessons in my work?

  • How do I deal with "subject overwhelm?"

  • What quality of a place can a camera never capture? How can I capture that elusive quality in my sketches?

  • What is a "value pattern" and why is it critical to the success of every sketch?

  • How do I indicate textures quickly and easily so I don't get bogged down drawing details?

  • What three things will absolutely ruin a sketch?

  • How do I draw figures that look credible and attractive?

  • When and where do I stop a sketch so that it looks strongest?

Sketching isn't drawing pretty pictures. It's more akin to meditation...itࡠprocess of quieting the mind, carefully exploring your environment, and connecting with a place or subject. In doing so, you delve deeply into a place襠shapes, patterns, values, edges, and compositionhow all of these work together to evoke an emotional response. You then express this visual experience in a way that is unique to you. No other activity will connect you to the visual world at a deeper level.

Although sketching is challenging, itथeply satisfying and rewarding. Sketching improves your focus䠣larifies your mind䠩ncreases your creativityit঵n. In two days, you젬earn how to do it smarter, easier, and with greater enjoyment. Enroll today.

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