"I want to personally thank you for the day of instruction you provided my wife last month. Beverly now has a new level of confidence and self-belief that has totally changed her attitude and disposition. She once again loves landscape design and is enjoying school. Her colleagues at school and the faculty have all remarked on the improvement in the quality of her work and I am sure they notice the smile and confidence. I just wanted you to know how you improved my quality of life, by coaching Beverly. Thank you very much!"
- Ron Wilson
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About Richard
Richard E. Scott, ASLA, ASAI, is a Landscape Architect, teacher, architectural illustrator, and fine artist.

He has taught in the Landscape Architecture Department at Cal Poly Pomona, the Landscape Architecture Extension Program at UCLA, and the Environmental Design Program at Art Center, Pasadena. His students enjoy his energetic and fun teaching style, state-of-the-art equipment, and highly organized classes. They appreciate his relentless focus on improving the skill of each student every session, and his genuine concern for the success of each student.

His renderings have appeared numerous times in Landscape Architecture Magazine, and have been featured in several books on architectural rendering. His projects include rendering work for the University of California, Donald Trump, George Lucas, Christopher Alexander (author of A Pattern Language), the J. Paul Getty Museum, UCLA, the City of Los Angeles (City Hall), and ABC Network Studios. His work for the University of California has also been on display at the State Capital in Sacramento, California.

Richard's goal is to communicate the lessons he has learned working on literally thousands of renderings for hundreds of projects, and to teach designers how to apply these lessons to improve the quality of their own work.
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