"I created the best conceptual ever today. I haven't looked forward to coming to work this much in a long time. Thanks so much. You honestly know your stuff and how to impart it better than anyone under whom I've ever studied."
- Nancy Claire Guth
Landscape Designer
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Accurate Freehand Perspective Sketching in 12-StepsTM
Imagine, YOU confidently sketching a perfectly accurate FREEHAND perspective with only a pen, a scale, and a sheet of tracing paper.

How You'll Benefit
How this course will benefit you the very next day...
  • You'll draw perspectives in less time - many participants cut their time in half (AT LEAST) with absolute accuracy

  • You'll be able to draw a complicated perspective in front of others - with complete confidence - EVEN IN MEETINGS!

  • You'll be able to use perspective sketching as a design tool - not just a presentation tool

  • You'll spend less money on supplies

  • You'll be able to look at a perspective sketch, spot any error, and correct it with confidence

  • You'll be able to draw almost any subject matter with confidence - buildings, landscapes, or entire city blocks

  • You'll enjoy (maybe even love) sketching like never before

  • You'll produce a beautiful portfolio of design work to show in interviews

  • You'll earn credibility with instructors, employers, and clients

  • You'll be more valuable to employers

  • Your abilities as a DESIGNER (of three-dimensional spaces) will increase dramatically

Here's the payoff: Once you learn to sketch perspectives accurately, you are free to make design changes directly on the sketch - you can then transfer those changes back to your plans and elevations, easily, freehand, with complete accuracy! The results are increased skills and speed, stronger designs, and that elusive feeling every designer wants most: CONFIDENCE.

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