?been rendering for years but lacked the knowledge to set up perspectives at any angle with any subject that you so simply convey to all. It was music to my ears! Your 12-step method is brilliant!!?
- Brandon A. Reed
Landscape Designer
?12-step method is the real deal and I'm happy I took part in it. You have a gift, not only with your outstanding graphic skills, but in your ability to explain it to others is the best I've encountered in my own studies of landscape architecture. You can bet I'll be talking this one up and I look forward to your color workshop and public speaking classes at some point in the future. Thanks again!?
- David Carpenter
Landscape Architecture Student
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Accurate Freehand Perspective Sketching in 12-StepsTM
Imagine, YOU confidently sketching a perfectly accurate FREEHAND perspective with only a pen, a scale, and a sheet of tracing paper.

What You'll Learn
The questions we'll cover in three intensive and fun days...
  • Can I really draw ACCURATE perspectives, FREEHAND? Without the use of drafting equipment? How can this be true?!

  • Can I use the same 12-step process on ANY subject? Buildings, landscapes, interiors, city blocks? How about odd-shaped topography, hillsides, or gardens?

  • Can I use this same method for one AND two-point perspectives? Ground level AND bird's eye views?

  • How do I start my perspective, so it ends up just the size I want it, not too small, not too big?

  • How do I know - before I begin drawing my perspective - that everything I need to draw will fit? I constantly run out of room, or end up with a perspective that looks distorted!

  • How do I estimate how tall objects are, accurately, in perspective?

  • How do I know EXACTLY where to put my vanishing points - without ever guessing?

  • How high in the air can I go and still end up with a sketch that looks right?

  • Can I free myself from preprinted grids, so I'm not limited to their specific views, angles, and scale?

  • What's the fastest way to draw buildings, trees, and people, so they look credible and attractive?

  • How do I know EXACTLY where to STOP my perspective, so it doesn't look distorted?

  • How did the Masters like Leonardo da Vinci and Johannes Vermeer "strategically" locate their vanishing points for the greatest effect? How can I use this same secret in my own perspectives?

  • I want to use perspective sketching in my DESIGN PROCESS - not just for finished presentations! Can you show me how?

  • What is "storyboarding" and how can I use this method to walk a client through my design?

  • How do I draw shadows, freehand, accurately?

  • Is there a way to remember every step - in it's exact order - simply - so I never need to refer to a handout or book again?

  • Why not just use computer software?

  • Our Guarantee

Specifically, this course teaches Architects, Landscape Architects, designers, and design students how to produce accurate perspectives from plans, or even rough diagrams. This process allows designers to use perspective sketching AS they develop their ideas in plan (layout) view. This will not be a passive program - we will learn by doing. Richard will show you how with repeated demonstrations, followed by guided practice, using trial and error, until you have internalized the method, and can use it effectively.

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