"Richard's methods seem almost magical in the way that they make my graphics come alive. I can now confidently select and effectively place color to evoke emotion, direct the viewer's eye, and create the greatest visual impact. I highly recommend this course!"
- Joel Shafor
Landscape Architecture Student
"Strong presentation graphics are essential in this economy. I am thrilled with my progress, and will continue to practice your techniques. I greatly appreciate your organized and effective approach to teaching, which will help everyone in our class differentiate themselves and succeed."
- Maureen Decombe
Landscape Designer
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Color MasteryTM
Produce superb color graphics, with confidence, every single time, armed with only two handfuls of markers.

What You'll Learn
The questions we'll cover in two intensive and fun days...
  • How does color work scientifically? What's really happening? And how can I use that knowledge to produce beautiful graphics?

  • I'm overwhelmed by the hundreds of choices of markers and colored pencilsŤ©£h ones do I really need?

  • How do I inject mood and atmosphere into my renderings?

  • My preliminary plans look so flat! How do I produce graphics that "pop?"

  • Is there a way that I can control exactly where the viewer looks first in my rendering? Why is that critical?

  • Is there a right way to "juice up" dull colors, and "knock down" bright colors?

  • How do I "dial in" my colors to match the colors of trees, stone, brick, or any other material?

  • What are "Color Reactions" and how do they illicit an emotional response from a viewer?

  • How did Leonardo da Vinci, and Claude Monet specifically apply color theory in their masterworks? And how are the cutting-edge designers at Disney and Pixar applying these same ideas today? How can we best apply these secrets in our own work?

  • How come when I mix colors the result looks muddy and drab? How do I mix colors that look believable, luminous, and radiant?

  • What is the best way to render shadows? The answer may surprise you?/li>

  • How do I make every rendered surface look lively and dynamic?

  • Do these color theories also apply to watercolor? How about pastels?

  • Can I apply these color principles, and planning method on the computer?

  • Is there a "coloring sequence" I can use every time? I need to know what to do first, second, and so on!

  • What about computer graphics?

  • Our Guarantee
This will not be a passive program - we will learn by doing. Richard will show you how to render plans and perspectives with repeated demonstrations, followed by guided practice, using trial and error, until you have internalized the method, and can use it effectively.

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