, Graphic Workshops for Architects, Landscape Architects, and Designers
"Thank you so much for the workshop. I got more out of your method in two days than Ive achieved thus far in my professional experience. I loved it!"
- Diana Bohan
Architectural Designer
"You are an inspiration! I feel like telling my ASLA Chapter about your amazing class, but I am not sure I want some of my competition to learn this. Great job."
- Stephen Carreker, ASLA
Landscape Architect
"I had a terrific time in your class. I've taken several drawing classes but none has been as well organized and thought out as yours. I will certainly be returning for more."
- Greg Corman
Landscape Designer
"You are one of the few teachers I have had who has been able to break things down and put one through the paces with such ease. I really appreciate your analytical and your practical side, as well as your generosity of spirit."
- Catherine Mushel
Landscape Designer
"The ideas and methods I learned during your workshop have revolutionized the way my small landscape design process flows. Creating a color concept takes less time, looks 100% better, and best of all impresses clients enough to make them 'buy' the finalized design. I refer to the workbook often. It's a great tool. Thanks for your good work."
- Jodie Cook
Landscape Designer
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Join Richard as he opens his sketchbook and shares with you an innovative approach to learning observational freehand sketching. For more information:

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Produce superb color graphics, with confidence, every single time, armed with only two handfuls of markers.
Imagine, YOU confidently sketching a perfectly accurate FREEHAND perspective with only a pen, a scale, and a sheet of tracing paper...
Massively improve your freehand sketching in one unforgettable weekend!
Gaining the Upper Hand on this Challenging & Beautiful Medium.
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